Autumn Lawn Care

Autumn  Feeding.

For  Autumn   the   care  regime  is  basically   promoting  healthy  root  growth. This  achieved  by  firstly   feeding  the  grass  with  a  propriety   lawn food  and  spreading  the  fertilizer  by  the  use   a  hooper  as  in  the  Spring and  Summer  regime.
But this time the fertilizer contains a high percentage of phosphate to encourage root growth. It also  contains   a  iron  oxide  which  is  moss  killer  so  it  best  to  wait  till  the  moss  turns  black  before   raking  it  a  final  time.

The  other  thing  to  do  now  is  to  encourage   air  and  good  drainage    around  the  roots.This  is  achieved  by   using  a   mechanical  hollow  tine   machine  on  large areas
Or  a  manual  method see pictures  below


iStock_000000584336XSmall 310



These  will  leave  a  rather  untidy  holes  in  the    ground  which  would  after   then  filled  with   lawn  top  dressing  and  worked  into  the  ground    using  a   lute  or  a   still  broom.

You  should  never  leave  the  holes  open   cause  if  you  walk  over  it  you  will  close  the  holes  and  thus  defeating  the  object.

Then the ground is best  left.To weather in the top soil over winter and come in the spring new shoots should  appear

I’m  recently  looking  into  other  ways  organically   using  worms  and  leaf  mulch  thus  saving  the  time  and  money  on  hiring  equipment  out


2 thoughts on “Autumn Lawn Care

  1. Lawn Guy

    Not sure if I agree with sweeping the plugs back into the ground. I’ve always just let gravity and rain take care of it. Other than that, great article!


    1. spencerrichard01 Post author

      I think you read it wrong what I was said was sweeping the plugs away & then applying top soil with a lute .
      This is what I did when I was assistant groundsman. We had bowling greens and they had to keot immaculate cause of the trophies ect .
      So we had to use a swish to remove all the plugs from the ground.
      But thanks for the feedback



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