Pyrethum Explained

English: Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium; syn. ...

English: Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium; syn. Chrysanthemum parthenium (L.) Pers., Pyrethrum parthenium Sm.) Magyar: Őszi margitvirágok (Tanacetum parthenium) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



What is  a Pyrethrum.

Pyrethrum  is  a  member  of  the Chrysanthemum cinerariifolium and Chrysanthemum coccineum. family  the  head  are  dried  then  left  to  brew  for several  hours  until the  distilling  is  completed.


It is  best  to  buy  the  insecticide already  made  as  the  brewing  can  be  harmful to  humans

The chemical involved  is  called pyrethrins.One common example is permethrin. A common formulation of pyrethrin is in preparations containing the synthetic chemical piperonyl butoxide: this has the effect of enhancing the toxicity to insects and speeding the effects when compared with pyrethrins used alone. These formulations are known as synergized pyrethrins.

How  to  use

Pyrethum comes  in  many  forms

  • As  a  powder  esp  for  bed  bugs  and  ant  powder  to  get  into   nooks  and  crevices.
  • As  a  spray   for  plant  use  ( this  comes  with  a   another  chemical  that stops  the  insects  getting  immune  to  it )
  • or  a  smoke  bombs    for  green  houses


although  Pyrethin is  natural  product  the  mass  produced  pyrethrum  is  human made.Both  formed  can  form  side  affects  when  inhaled  like

  • respiratory  problem
  • rashes  on  the  skin   should    you  be  in  contact   with  it

Therefore  it  always  wise  to  use  protective  clothing    like

  • face mask
  • rubber  gloves
  • and  to  avoid  spraying  it  into  the  wind
  • and  to  avoid  spraying  around  any  water  supply
  • and  always  spray  last  thing  at  night  or  early  morning  before  the  bees  arrive

Now  you  can  get  Pyrethrins  mixed  DE  under  a  brand  name  called  perma -guard 21 perma-guard-d21-237x345 which  acts  as   bug  killer  and  insecticide   spray


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